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Know your audience, and eMPTY eMPTY make it obvious to about that audience the instant they read about about you about on your website. McKinsey Quarterly, our flagship business publication, McKinsey Quarterly, has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964. In addition to the vibrant self-portrait at the top of the page, Sara's first sentence tells you just how many people subscribe to her channel: 350,000. Vintage-Inspired Palette and Whimsical Imagery This vintage-inspired About Us page about for Kitties Cakes keeps things whimsical and inviting by using about warm colors, playful illustrations, and beautiful about traditional type. A great way to keep free services your About Us page unique and cohesive is to be strict about your color palette, just as this About Us page design. A Visualized Timeline and Engaging Palette Does your brand have a rich and interesting history? And yeah, that's harder than filling a stock "About Us" template - but it can have a significant payoff for your brand. Minimal Elements and Cool Tones When using a lot of photographs on your About Us page, try to select images that fit well together to ensure you maintain a cohesive design. However, unlike the previous example, this piece combines both type and illustrations to make a bit of a sharper design, and one that can include a bit more information. It's an unconventional concept with an equally interesting backstory that "started as a mess of friends in Minneapolis, fooling around after school, trying to make music without reading the manual." eMPTY And as soon as you arrive on Doomtree's 'About Us'. Not only does this modular layout look good and feel unique, but it also saves on space, keeping the webpage short and able to fit on one screen in many cases. Bold Colors and Large Team Photos Looking to make an impact with your design? Muted Colors and Simple Illustrations This about page from Eva Black Design once again keeps things simple but stylish. Im not sure why he didnt get a testimonial from ikea about though as he built their website! Thomson Reuters is one of the worlds most trusted provider of answers, helping professionals make confident decisions and run better businesses. Pair that two-tone color palette with some bold illustrations and type and you have yourself one effective and engaging page design. That's exactly what Cultivated Wit - a creative agency and media company - does, with both an edgy name and an incredibly fun story told through video and parallax scrolling. Yellow about Leaf Hammocks, why the "About Us" Page Rocks: It tells us a story. So, skip the industry lingo - that's what Apptopia does on its "About Us" page. For more tips on mastering composition in your designs, be sure to have a look at these 10 tips. By aligning your type and elements to a grid you will keep your page looking legible and tidy like this example, not messy and all over the place. How to Write an About Page Establish a mission statement. Play on your own words - it's okay to have fun and pun with your brand, as it helps to inject personality and humor into your "About Us" page. Outline our company story. The Copyblogger about page is all about you and what you will learn from his website. I didnt want to go in to too much detail here because I am going to talk about the advantages of each About Us page as we go through them. Many companies add just a simple mission statement or company profile, but people often don't want to ready a wall of text explaining what you. Hes been mentioned in dozens of newspapers and even been featured on prime time news here in Australia. What this does is actually give his following credentials more weight because you are curious as to who is providing all this amazing value. One thing to note about this design is how carefully eMPTY the type has been set. Here's another instance where any area of your website - not just the "About Us" page - is an opportunity to break the mold. Large Titles and Engaging Visuals Want to put the focus on your type? The vibrant purple feature color is striking, as are the obscured employee profiles that only reveal when hovered over. This simple and unique addition to the Big Cartel About Us page gives users a more personal glimpse into the teams personalities. People want and appreciate straight talk about what your business does. Its actually a clever little pre-sales page. Tumblrs About Us page is probably the best of the lot. By using large images and a small tidbit of type, each fact is made much more digestible eMPTY and enticing to read, which gives consumers a clear understanding of exactly who Substrakt as a brand. A common trope in About Us page designs is to use photographs of your team and location, but why not consider taking a leaf from. For more tips on mastering type and for a few tips on how to avoid typographical eMPTY pitfalls, have a read of these 20 Typography Mistakes Everyone Makes. For example, this design first introduces the brand, then the team behind the scenes, and the seven individual facts about the brand. I need to start this article by qualifying what makes an amazing About Us page. Immediately, the user's eyes are drawn to a header that says, "It's okay to make a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things." Quite philosophical, for a place to have dinner. If so, be sure to start out with a grid before anything else! Instead, the "About Us" page is pithy, colorful, and leads with the lovable mug of an adorable bulldog - fitting the name and the brand. We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices, in every industry and region, locally and globally. The simple illustrations dispersed throughout the page bring a unique and cheerful tone to the brand, and help to break up the sharp horizontal lines of the page structure. When you create lovable marketing, you can start a movement of brand evangelists and advocates who will help you grow. Take Joe Payton's "About Me" page, below. Something to keep in mind: the things you scale upwards often become focal points, so, be sure to scale with care. What was a challenge you faced while developing your company? At this point, we hope that creating delivery options an "About Us" page doesn't seem like a daunting task - rather, we hope you're ready to have some fun with. But, per the real "About Us" pages we've just highlighted, there are some steps you should keep in mind when getting started. The rest of the design is really very simple, with a predominantly monochromatic color palette and simple design, but the cursor-tracking feature is a simple but innovative take on the typical About Us page design, and its what makes this example memorable, engaging, and unique. The main about feature is a big photo of a celebrity like Barack Obama or Kanye West and then youll stumble down to a section that shows you some of the main events about going on in the world right now. This informative and cleanly designed page is also finished off with a cluster of things you may not (need to) know about us which includes video game scores, number of cats owned, etc. Their About Us page is one of the more robust examples in this list but instead of detracting from the message the extra content gives it a lot of authority. Nonetheless, the ingenuity she brings to the company isn't lost on her website's "About Me" page. The use of a sharp black background and white/light grey type over the top creates an air of mystery, intrigue, and stylishness. Consider putting the camera away and picking up the pencil instead, as illustrated designs can add a fun, unique, and engaging atmosphere to your About Us page design. You might have noticed that hip web savvy people are now creating a trend of using massively over sized text to present a shocking or interesting idea. Because a lot of people go to his website to find out how to actually write an About Us page. In fact, there are some companies out there with remarkable "About Us" pages, the elements of which you can emulate on your own website. A lot has happened since it was founded in 2004, so the company chose to share those milestones using a fun and clean design that incorporates clear headers, concise blurbs, and little graphics to break up the text. While its commonly thought that a big and bold typeface is the best way to attract attention, sometimes a lighter, finer one can be just what the designer ordered. Moz Why the "About Us" Page Rocks: It's humble. Why not visualize it with a timeline, just as Moz has done in this vibrant example. So, chances are, neither will this sharp, dark design by Always Creative. Why should your website visitors care? By using a carefully selected palette, creatively written copy, and a unique, branded theme to your page design, you can give your brand a visualized voice, and give any future consumers a clear idea of exactly who you are. For a remarkable about page, all you need to do is figure out your company's unique identity, and then share it with the world. Bold Shapes and Colored Imagery This design by Firstborn keeps things sharp and bold by using sharp shapes, about bold colors and a strong sense of alignment. If you use them I suggest that you make it only a part of the page, not the whole page. When designing your own About Us page, dont forget to use scale, font weight, and various typefaces to redirect attention. You're becoming part of the exception - and standing out from a sea of "About Us" pages. By dividing each visual and written element into sharp, square frames, the design is given a unique grid-like structure. By bookmarking key events with a snippet of copy and an accompanying image, Mozs history becomes visualized and much more digestible and engaging to readers. Hand Crafted Type and Simple Photographs. What's your company culture like? About pages are perfect spaces to talk about where you started, how you've grown, and the ideals that have helped your organization mature. In fact, its usually the first place people look before they start to take you seriously. As you're explaining who you serve, make it clear what it is you're offering. A Sharp Palette and Striking Colors. Our team of experts brings together information, innovation and authoritative insight to unravel complex situations, and our worldwide network of journalists and editors keep customers up to speed on global developments that are relevant to them. A great way to brand some photographs for placement on your About Us page is to do just as Firstborn have done here and run your brands signature color over the image. Thank to everyone that commented. Not only does Joe's illustrative self-portrait give him a personal brand that customers will remember, but it also demonstrates his expertise as a designer and animator. Just be sure to keep the contrast high between your content and background image, though, to keep things legible. An LED lightbulb maker might sell 10 different lamp styles, for example, but that might not be the most important characteristic to its primary audience. Bold Feature Colors and Highlighted Info Black and white never go out of style, but in some cases, a purely monochromatic design can be a bit much, so consider breaking up that two tone color palette with one. Then you get high definition photography of the people and the offices followed by 36 words that make up the sharpest concept copy you will ever read. But if this is not a problem, then go ahead! This design uses a vibrant three-tone color palette and some sharp, stylized illustrations to create a unique and engaging About Us page that is just as playful as it is informative. Playful Atmosphere and Vibrant Colors This About Us page from creative studio Ghostly Ferns fosters an immediately friendly, positive and playful atmosphere through bold, vibrant colors, large and clear mission statements, and a dose of humor (check out the spooky graveyard of past interns). Gummisig does it really well here by starting with a joke and progressively moving the text size down as it gets more serious. Be sure to keep in mind that the more things you highlight with a feature color, the less effective that technique becomes, because if everything is highlighted, people wont know where to look. Here Clark gives reasons why his blog will help you. Every good company was founded on an idea - something the current marketplace might not yet offer. Stories are a powerful way to convey ideas and should play an important part in any About Page. This About Us page from Alfred takes the latter approach by keeping their margins wide and open, making for a clean, minimal and relaxing page design. To capture the ever-growing history of the brand. So, isolate the milestones prior your company's founding, and use them to give readers some backstory on your current venture. Moral of the story: always have a go at experimenting with new techniques, and dont be afraid of the neon ends about of the color spectrum.

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